Social media has become decidedly unsociable thanks to advertising, which is woefully out of sync with consumers today. We are being slowly suffocated by the content calendar and one-way messages designed months in advance to clog our feeds.

Sympler's tech does for social advertising what Tinder did for online dating. By leveraging live, chat & play, we invigorate social marketing, driving more engagement for brands on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and more.

Sympler helps creative travel further for less, generating up to 50x more click-through than traditional social media buys because everything we do has matchmaking (consumer opt-in), chat (2-way conversation) and play (immediacy and fun).

Step 1 Input Brand Objectives

Step 2 Define Conversation Genre

Step 3 Identify Demographics

Step 4 Select Brand Assets

Step 5 Pick From Chat Platforms

Step 6 Solution!

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